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TAY Time Chat: Too busy catching Pokémon

Heyu TAYers... Yeah TAY Time Chat... that 5 o' clock-ish column of news from other gawker sites, hmmm I'm catching Pokémon around the world, In an hour or so I've caught just over 20% of the Dex and my phone battery is already faltering, so let's talk about the weekend ^^;


For me as some of you may know was pretty eventful, yesterday especially, catching up with lost friends, going to the Hatsume Fair, taking hundreds of pics only to then having to head down to Miami to drop my brother's girlfriend at her place, then my brother had this craving for fried chicken >.< so we went on hunt for the best fried chicken in the West Broward area at 9PM =/ it goes without saying that most places close their doors at 10, so it was a race against time, also I have to mention there are no KFCs in the area... it was fun but I was exhausted from being under the sun for 4+ hours...

So, how was the weekend for my fellow prospective Pokémon Masters? Are you excited for the barrage of fake news tomorrow?

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I'm off to get something to eat, but now that I've got your attention you should check our other interesting posts around TAY and TAY Classic,if you feel like talking about anything then check out the Open Forum , and follow us on Twitter!


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