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TAY Time Chat - Tweaked Out

Well, I went off the deep end again. You know those times when you get really immersed in trying to tweak something to perfection and it just... temporarily turns into an obsession? I know a few of you who have Rainmeter talk about this happening all the time. A little hard drive monitor here, music player shortcut there... and before you realize it, you've created a monstrosity that looks absolutely nothing like what you started with.

That's pretty much what happened with me this morning. I re-installed Skyrim while I was at Quakecon since they had better internet there, so I went online and started downloading HD texture packs and graphical tweaks and everything. Before I knew it, I was downloading new armor sets and dumb things for weapon placements and whatever—and I haven't even tested to see if any of them work. Oh well, that'll come eventually, I guess.


Anyways, for news today I realized that we hadn't done P4R for a while, so let's give them a look. Mm—parody goodness.

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