After I nabbed it on sale a while ago, I finally got to play Punch Out on the Wii yesterday. I honestly hadn't played a Punch Out game before this one in ages—I think the last time I ever managed to touch one was when I was about ten years old, so outside of watching people speedrun the earlier entries in the series, it was almost an entirely new experience for me.

I got to meet all of the different characters from various different countries and regions, and they were all handled with about as much subtlety as a hammer, but I finally got to the American boxer (outside of Little Mac) and I just... feel so disappointed. Not because of how mean it was, but because of how mean it wasn't. I didn't realize that disco and... smiling was a stereotype for the states. Then again, outside of like... food, I'm not sure what the stereotype is for the states. And even then, food is kind of becoming the stereotype for a lot of places now.

Maybe we should just hold a nationwide assembly and decide on country's stereotypes and send it in to Nintendo before they make the sequel.

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