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No need to panic people... TAY Time Chat's here to save the day!

Ah yes! What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than whacking each other incessantly... right? Look, sorry to take this moment and talk about politics (may be the only topic that gets my blood boiling), the thing is... right now there's something happening after 14 years of oppression people have finally taken it on the streets here in Venezuela, looking at the whole picture there are two possible outcomes, one it all reverts to the normal conditions, or a mutiny will explode, and looking at the bright side, the mutiny will happen cause the head honchos lost their brains (Chavez) almost a year ago, and all they have left is a bunch of brutes, anyhoo where I am right now things got a bit hairy... but nothing as bad as how things are in the rest of the major cities of the country.


News Round Up!

Nach's Shuffle!

It would be a terribly cliche if I played Twisted Sister's We're Not Gonna Take it... instead here's my song selection for today ^^;


Amor Porteño by Gotan & Calexico

Si Tu Disais by Françoiz Breut & Calexico

Inspiracion by Calexico & Amparo Sanchez

Okay... okay! I admit this is a carefully handpicked selection of songs! Anyways... sorry for the late intervention... heh! Been super busy, will try to host as best as I can! Now give me a minute to catch my breath... I have to pluck the wings of a Pigeon!


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