I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Oh my... I think I overslept ^^

I did it TAY! I managed to cut my costs for this holiday season. Some of you may know that my computer is on its last legs. Not only is the hardware suffering, but the software is super outdated and its been years since I last updated most of the applications. Well turns out my brother's girlfriend fried her old computer by spilling water on it... and well I took the liberty to ask her if I could open the computer to check it. When I opened it, I noticed that everything inside was in mint condition... I did a couple of checks to test how it behaved. Everything was a-ok, except for the monitor backlight... so, I told her can I try and repair it ? Her reply was.. "If you manage to fix it, you can keep it"


$250 later... I got myself a shiny almost new 2012 macbook pro ^^ Hooray! Can't wait to download thousands of cat gifs until the HDD collapses!!

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