I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Time Chat: Update tOS 7 Now Available

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So there is this small company called Apple that make products such as the iPhone and iPod, you might have heard of them.


Sarcasm aside, Apple finally released there much anticipated iOS 7 update for there products, while it won't cause a shock wave throughout the universe with its innovation, it definitely does show that Apple aren't giving up that easily. So for you three others with Apple products, what do you think of the update. I thinks it's pretty...

News Round Up!


BattleBorn's Triple Shuffle!

Ya Hey - Vampire Weekend

Only Love - Ben Howard

Wake up Your Saints - The National

BattleBorn's Reddit Read

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the man who will play me in the film of my life when it releases, recently did a Reddit AMA to promote his first film on the directors chair, Don Jon. He also is half the brains behind HitRecord, an open-collaborative production company, where literally anyone can submit there ideas. It's worth checking out.


Done here? Head on over to TayClassic to have the time of your life...probably. Maybe. 50/50. At least they weather is decent there.

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