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TAY Time Chat: Video Game Stocks Edition

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well. It’s a relatively pastrami day here at work, so I finally have time to write the TTC the day of, yay! Today I figured I’d chat with you guys about something I’m finally starting to get interested in: stocks. More specifically, stocks about things I’m interested in... like video games! Burt Reynolds Jr. already made a great post about this earlier during the “Random TAY Challenge”, so if you haven’t already read it, go give that a look later.

Anyways, ever since Brexit’s initial market downturn, I decided it was finally time to boot up a RobinHood account and start testing out the waters. My job these days revolves around software for stock trading anyways, so no matter how it plays out, it’s good to learn. Specifically, I purchased AMD, ATVI, NVDA, and TTWO. For those of you who don’t feel like looking stuff up, that’s AMD, Activision Blizzard, Nvidia, and Take-Two Interactive (the folks who publish games like XCOM2, Civilization, BioShock, GTA, etc.).

It’s been a fun month of learning, and overall I’m actually up $80 in overall value (with $2,350 deposited, context is important). NVDA has been in a slow growing pattern over the month, and I’m keen on watching its patterns in the future. I sold AMD at a very small profit a week ago (I only had around 20 shares at the time), though their quarterly reports are set to come out today, so that will be interesting to check out. I decided to divest from TTWO into ATVI instead, and I’m hoping Overwatch’s mad $$$$ and Legion’s pre-release hype will equate to a nice boost in that stock.


I never really pictured myself as someone who would be interested in stocks, let alone working in the industry, but I must admit the entire process is rather fascinating. I’m still a complete novice, but I look forward to learning more.

Questions of the Day:

Anyone else have a passing interest in stocks at all? Are you looking at any video game companies? Likewise, what’re you all playing lately? (I’m finally on Fire Emblem: Revelations!) Any video-game related content you’re consuming? (I’ve been on a binge watching Tasteless and Artosis cast Starcraft: Brood War as of late, it’s a fun throw-back to a by-gone era, but with modern day casting!)

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