Netflix offered me a “Please come back to us” free month so I’m doing something I haven’t done since the last time they offered me a free month: watching TV. Seriously I don’t do that, I have a TV as a second monitor that has never felt the gentle caress of a cable connection. We have a 4k tv in the living room which at this point has mainly been used as just another console screen.

So what’s on the menu? House, the only show I watched semi regularly back when it was on, and that I find far funnier than is probably safe for a well adjusted individual, except for when all those “drama” parts. Also on the plate is The Walking Dead. Its highs definitely aren’t bad, but being 3/4ths of the way through season 2, I can’t say I overwhelmingly like it. The biggest problem is I just can’t get over the fact that I don’t really buy a zombie apocolypse, all that pesky biology knowledge about disease ecology and cell processes that wouldn’t be functioning past a month mindlessly wandering in the hot southern climate (and that’s probably being very generous). Something more localized and immediate like Resident Evil? Sure those I can buy. Or something like the cordyceps of The Last of Us (which is real but only affects insects) which they actually show being resilient through budding in damp places. My friend says I’m applying too much logic to a TV show, she may be right.

Question for today: Are you partaking in any entertainment medium you normally don’t?

Any one who’s noticed I tend to talk about magic the gathering might have expected something about last weeks Shadows of Innistrad prerelease. Well there’s a very good reason we won’t be talking about that.