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Good afternoon TAY! Welcome to another edition of TAY Time Chat. I have not forgotten you my internet peeps... I swear it on my mother’s grape!

To be honest... I was in a far away land. In this place there was no easy access to a stable internet connection in addition to being super busy working on a project I needed to turn in.


It all started on Wednesday when I took a road trip to the north. On my way there I did a pit stop to meet with a certain artist from TAY that goes by the name of Stormborn. We’ve been trying to meet for quite a while, but for some reason or another, destiny would ruin our plans.

Not this time... I set my phone to show me the way to Bonny’s place and at 6am I started my journey. The plan was to spend just a couple of hours playing games and talking... instead we talked for four hours straight, I don’t regret it tho... I had a great time with the Pokémon-one-a-day guy!

A few hours later and I arrived to my destination. I won’t deny my first impression of the place was not positive, but there was nothing I could do at that time of the day... there was no turning back, so I embraced my “dark” destiny. I’m glad I did... soon after I dropped my bags at the hotel my roommates told me to head down to the bar and meet up with some other “friends” that were also staying at the hotel. I was hesitant since I drove for more than eight hours and didn’t sleep much the night before.

I’m glad I did go to the bar that night...

I met the most colourful cast of crazy and kooky characters, the kind of guys who can rival my besstests mates here at TAY. From snarky to silly, naive and fun. These guys were my family for the last weekend, and honestly I’m glad I was part of their group. Whether I was guiding them through the streets at night, singing at the karaoke (me of all people singing), aiding another one who may have drank a bit too much, pretending we were doing a three-legged race and even sharing beds that were too small to share; It was the best travel group one could wish for.


I wish I had more time/space to talk about our misadventures.... but honestly this post has been longer than I expected it to be. I’m thankful for them and for the restless nights we had, and hopefully I’ll be able to meet with them again in the near future. Thanks to all my dancing/singing/drinking partners, fellow explorers and lovers of great food!

Bits & Bobs

After reading all that I don’t expect peeps to want to read news... but seriously, this is a TTC after all...


Song of the Day

Although not even close to being the song that defined our adventure... I find this song to be incredibly amusing and fun

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