Hello everyone and welcome to Friday!

No wait.. that's not right...

Hello everyone and welcome to TAY Time Chat Friday Edition! AKA The one with an alcoholic drink and more hipster music that you never asked for! Alright so today's Chat is brought you by Duncan Jones, one of my favorite movie directors and fellow game enthusiast! Yesterday while I was browsing my twitter feed I stumbled upon this...

And it lead me to think, we really don't have a super figure like Roger Ebert was for film reviews, there are some big names out there but not as big as Ebert, so to keep it simple, just follow the question up above, in your personal opinion who do you consider is your favorite name in video game reviewing?


News Round up!


Nach's Album for the Weekend!

Electric Light Orchestra's fifth studio release "Face The Music", released in 1975 the album embraced the changes in music that were happening at the time, mixing Disco with ELO's established sound.

Nach's Drink for the Weekend!

I'll keep it simple this weekend and go for a Vodka Tonic


So what do you need to prepare this drink?

  • 1 measure of Vodka
  • 2 measures of Tonic Water
  • And a twist of lime

Pour it over a glass full of ice, stir and drink! ^.^

Alright that's it from me guys, I'm off to... actually I have no plans for today, so maybe I'll hang around Animal Crossing, finish Mario & Luigi Dream Team, and umm watch some Sherlock! but if you need more entertainment for your weekend? Visit TAY Classic, to quench your craving for a strong cocktail beer Cocktail (again?)! Check out the Open Forum too, cause we talk just about anything, and Miss DamsonRhee is still doing a great job with her version of the Daily Forum =). and the amazing and fabulous Sylverfyst is back with the Off-TAYpic on TAY Classic!