Let me know if this sounds familiar to you:

You walk into a store to buy a toy, and then you realize that there's just way too much to choose from. You look high and low, but you're just overwhelmed by the amount of things available. So much so that there's no way that you could possibly make a rational decision about all of this in your current state. Guess you'll just have to never buy another toy ever again, right?


Thanks to the creative minds over at Loot Crate and Nintendo, a new system has been set in place so that you can now ask people to purchase Amiibo for you! All you have to do is pay them roughly the same and they'll make sure you get more than enough Amiibo to satisfy your figure lust, but they'll be sure to spread it out over a couple of months, just so you get the right amount without being overwhelmed—kind of like going through self-induced rehab for a drug you haven't gotten hooked on yet.


... Don't let me buy this, guys. I'm teasing everyone about it now, but just... ch-check up on me, okay?

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