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TAY Time Chat: Winter's Solstice Day!

Mischief, Northern Lights and people being evil, it's TAY Time Chat X Animal Crossing!

Last Sunday it was Winter's Solstice Day in Animal Crossing, as the patoot I am (according to Neryl) I forgot about it, heck I even forgot about Toy Day. She invited me over to her town because her Re-Tail store was paying extra deniros for any kind of furniture, and honestly I was running out of space in my inventory. But there was an extra surprise waiting for me at Ocelum...


No no no it was not all the pitfalls Neryl set up all over the place nor the many times she hit me in the head with a bug net, but the show that was taking in the night sky. It was Gorgeous, yet soothing. After an hour of behaving like a 5 year old and laughing like an idiot it made me realize, few games make me feel like a kid the same way Animal Crossing does... it's not just the games at Tortimer's Island or KK Slider's Saturday Night Concerts, it's all these small things that happen in the microcosm that is called Animal Crossing ^^ Even after 18 months the game still amazes me.

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