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It’s Tuesday! Which means that it’s that special day of the week when we get new titles coming out and everything. Except this week—because the Witcher III actually came out yesterday at 4pm PDT, apparently. Nobody bothered to tell me! I kind of miss Gamestop calling me to let me know when my stuff would be available for pick-up, but... oh well. At least I managed to snag that really cool wolf’s-head keychain that they were giving for people pre-ordering.

I honestly wasn’t too excited about the game coming out as much as I wanted to support CD Projekt Red. Don’t get me wrong—I was excited for it, but not like... Inquisition or Bloodborne levels of excitement. I was pleasantly surprised whenever I opened my case this afternoon and saw how much extra stuff they included with the game:

  • Two Wolf-Head Stickers
  • A nicely written note from the developers
  • The game’s soundtrack, with 31 tracks
  • The physical game manual (remember those, kids?)
  • A compendium of the Witcher lore
  • And a map in the form of a poster

It was actually really cool—I’m happy they put something like that in there. And honestly, since I’ve been keeping away from any articles talking about The Witcher 3, the whole thing just caught me massively off-guard. It was really nice to see them include that much with the game—even the little note would have been awesome enough.


Anyways, let’s get on to some news.

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