I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Time Chat... or just me recalling the events of the last 13 Hours.

5.00AM Woke up, it was still dark outside, went back to sleep, failed.

6.00AM After my failed attempt to get an extra hour of sleep, I went downstairs and cleaned the house.


7.00AM Played Destiny... and then played a bit more cause I still had 3 more hours until Best Buy opened its doors.

9.45AM Arrived at Best Buy, there were 15 eager Smash Bros fan, including what I want to believe was a Grandfather picking up a copy for his grandchildren.


10.00AM Best Buy is open... and we have to continue to be on queue cause they didn't have the games on display, heck the games were still inside the cardboard boxes.

10.30AM They start taking selling the games. Turns out the grandfather was picking a copy for himself.


10.40AM It's my turn to pick up my copy of SSB for the 3DS, the clerk tells me they ran out of coins... I wa about to tell him... well you lost a client! He says he's joking and gives me my coin... which to my surprise was not a plastic coin, but a metal one encased in plastic.

10.45AM I get on the highway to get my car to the shop.

11.20AM arrive at the shop after a trek along the SR 441 which is as beautiful as it sounds.


11.35AM A friend from Venezuela asks if I could get him a couple of $20 eShop card, without a car I set out to walk two miles to the nearest Walgreens.

11.55AM Arrive at Walgreens.

12.10PM Return to the shop... it's Smash Time!

12.50PM Car is ready... but wait! There's more.... There are some extra issues... after bartering for some 20 mins, I managed to get a 20% discount.


1.10 PM Back to Smash!

4.00PM Car is ready!

4.10PM Stuck on the highway on what I shall describe "almost hail".

5.00PM Shopping for food.

5.30PM Stuck on the Highway again...

6.00PM Back home....

Word of the Day




  • A scene of uproar and disorder; a heated argument : raucous ideological donnybrooks.

ORIGIN: mid 19th cent.: from the name of a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, formerly famous for its annual fair.

Super Shuffle!

Quiet Blue by J.A.M

Spiders in My Brain by Torpedo Boyz

Sir Psycho Sexy by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Lakeside Park by Rush

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