On Friday... nothing happened, let's get over this intro and jump into the news... welcome to the laziest TAY Time Chat ever, nah just kidding ^^;

Yesterday I went to Miami to meet up with a stranger that wanders around the late night hours of TAY, he goes by the name of I_Kluge, while I waited in the car, I whipped up my 3DS XL and created a wi-fi hotspot with my phone to download the new Pokémon Trozei game, 30 minutes later of talking about random stuff and plotting plans to ruin lives the game was waiting for me to play it... sadly I'm not rude enough to interrupt a conversation and start catching Pokémon in a Match-3-style puzzle game...

News Round Up!

Nach's Album of the Weekend

Blur's third album released in 1994, Parklife

Nach's Drink for the Weekend

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey


For those who would like to drink whiskey but think they are drinking rum...

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