Get back to work, TAYers! The long weekend is over—no time to dilly-dally. Some of you students out there haven't even started your classes yet, but mark my words, you'll get your comeuppance. Keep your chin up, though. We all got a long, work-free day on Monday... except for everyone in retail or food. Sorry, guys.

I tried my hardest not to work yesterday. I really did. But I used the time to catch up and work ahead instead. I know, I broke one of the sacred rules of the good ol' Labor Dabor, but... It seemed like doing that would help me avoid more work down the road.

Speaking of avoiding work, I'm just going to get some parody articles again.

Parody Article Round-Up:


Song of the Day:

Thanks everyone! I guess the topic for today would be what you spent your labor day on, but other than that, feel free to talk amongst yourselves and be sure to check out some of TAY's other great features: