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TAY Time: In Which I Grow a Goatee and Punch John Cena in the Face

Fresh from my Hollywood Hogan-esque heel turn on TAY, Nach kindly asked me to take over his TAY Time duties. Which, you know, surprising, but whatever, it's his funeral.

Like always, feel free to chill out in the comments and talk about your favorite wrestler, villain, or TV show from the 80's as I catch y'all up on stuff you might have missed while you were reading that thing I wrote about Earthbound.


Bunch of big time game releases this past week!

Gaming news roundup

Quote of the Day

Oh yeah? Rules? Well, rules were made to be broken. And your neck could be broken!!

-The Late Macho Man Randy Savage

Recommended Viewing

Galaxie: Piste 1

Oh, and hey, don't forget about TAYClassic for all your off-topic needs!

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