I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled TAY Time Splat: Unofficial TAY Time Chat

Hey guys welcome to Tay Time Chat. I’m your host DisturbedShadow. Today in Bits and Bobs we have:

Joe Biden not running for President

How to train your dragon 3 will feature a cameo by Joe Biden

Joe Biden is going to walk your dog if you can answer these three riddles.

If you’re not feeling the Joe Biden love feel free to leave your favorite three healthy eating recipes. I had a giant salad for lunch today and if you don’t put cheese or meat or anything delicious on it, it’s basically like eating air!


Finally, here is some Heavy Metal that I found because I really like Heavy Metal.


Please note that I scheduled this post at 4:58 to show up at 5:00 so I MAY not be around to answer you until 5:05.


Thanks for your understanding.

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