I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY Tournament: Date Announcement

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I’m back just like I said I would. So here’s the update for the tourney. I’d like the participants to confirm their presence and review the rules. So this is the list of the currently signed up players:

  • Aikage (Competing)
  • Frattyman (Competing)
  • Ishamel (Competing)
  • J Acosta (Competing)
  • Rienier (Competing)

Rules can be found on the previous post. The map pool includes the following maps:

  • (3) Outsider
  • (4) Circuit Breaker
  • (4) Fighting Spirit
  • (4) Arcadia 2
  • (4) Nostalgia
  • (4) Phyton

All maps can be downloaded in this handy dandy link. So go get some practice. Finally, the date of this event will be this weekend, September 15-17, using whatever hour works best for everyone (I’m personally only home at night). And lovely quiddity will be providing top tier E-Sports commentary. TAY Discord will be used for better organization, so go join it and look for me once you’re there.


See you there!

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