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Tay Tournaments: Rendezvous Point(UPDATE: First Three Battles!)

Since a few of you plan on having battles today, I guess this can be the place where you can meet up before.

This is basically what this post is about. If you plan on having a battle today, put your Pokemon Showdown name and what time you'll be having the battle, just so others can watch if they wish. I'll try to watch the battle and get the replay of it so others can watch too.


Maybe before you start your battle you can wait for a minute or two so that others can join in and spectate.

Here is the Current Bracket

Here is the link to Pokemon Showdown.

Also, if you want to watch a battle, go to watch a battle and select OU(Current), then CTRL+F and search for whoever you want to watch.

And don't forget, this is all for fun, so be sure to have a good time!

UPDATE: We've had our first battle! Novibear and Nach!

UPDATE2: Second Battle, between DamsonRhee and Kuponut!

UPDATE3: PyramidHeadCrab and ToxicBunnies

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