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TAY Town Hall

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Town Hall Meeting

Welcome to TAY, Kotaku’s Reader Run blog.

It’s right there in the heading of every Open Forum. But what does it mean? Lately there seems to be a few issues going on that sort of bubble beneath the surface and when they get brought up the common theme is, “This is not an appropriate place to talk about this issue,” which I don’t agree with but I’ll try to mark where statements end, and my opinion begins from here on out.


So I was sort of waiting for the admins to address this issue but it never came about. Then I realized, this is TAY. It’s not a government, there are no rules that say I can’t bring up issues on my own in an “appropriate space.”

Here are things I’d like to cover in this Town Hall.

1. What is the purpose of an Admin?

My take. Admins are here to:

  • Welcome people
  • Grant authorship
  • Share articles to TAY from classic
  • Ban Spambots
  • Ban obvious trolls
  • Be transparent with the community about issues that affect the community. Does anyone know the issues that the admins are arguing about right now?
  • Grow the community

Admins are not here to:

  • Step in during civil arguments between two parties unless to propose a solution or if things get disrespectful and turn to name calling or hate speech.
  • Carry out their personal vendettas
  • Demean, bully, or coerce members into not speaking their mind

pocoGRANDES is leaving/did leave TAY. That makes me terribly sad. He’s been here forever and was one of the coolest people here, always ready with a funny gif or an interesting story. But he couldn’t accept that one of the admins was essentially squelching civilized arguing. Steve Bowling did not, ever, in that conversation resort to name calling or being disrespectful. He was upset, and he brought up an issue. Instead of hearing him out, it seemed the admins were more concerned with sweeping the whole thing under the rug, telling him to take it off TAY to Skype or Email. I don’t agree with that. Maybe you do. That’s OK.


In the end I feel like some of the admins feel they have real POWER. They should not. Admins are basically community members that are “super community” members. They are very active and help to grow the community in any way they can. If it were up to me I’d gut the whole lot of them. We don’t need 6 or 7 admins. We need maybe 3. Three active members. I feel we should have elections. It might not be feasible and I’m sure those in “power” are not going to cede anything, but let’s face it - our admins are rarely here. How much do they really try to grow the community? I may be being harsh here, and I promise you I’ll never run for office again - I had my tenure and I screwed up. I left when TAY needed me most. People were confused at that time and instead of answering questions, I fled the scene. I failed in my duty as admin and therefore relinquish any right to the position ever again. That being said, I really don’t think the current batch of admins are doing the job, AS I’VE LAID OUT. This is all just my opinion. I have nothing against these people as people ( but I think maybe they’re not the most qualified to be in admin positions?

But that’s just my opinion. What is yours? What do you want out of your admins? I once said, “admins are not here to hold your hand,” and at that time, most people agreed with me. I feel maybe the tide has turned these days. If so, so be it. Let’s talk about it.


2. What is the purpose of a Reader/Author/?

My Take

Readers have a right to:

  • Speak their mind without fear of admin retribution or community harassment, provided that their choice of words does not contain hate speech or advertisements
  • Disagree with other members and have opinions in a safe environment
  • Publish whatever they want provided it isn’t hate speech or an advertisement
  • Bring complaints up in any article, any time, any day, any week. This is the internet, there are no “WRONG” places to voice complaints.
  • Request and be given transparency from those in charge

Readers/Authors have the responsibility to:

  • Follow the golden rule - treat others as you’d like to be treated
  • Keep an open mind regarding other’s opinions
  • Interact with the community. You can’t be a community member without being in the community, I’m sorry. The benefits afforded in the “rights” section pertain to Community members
  • Post things. If you have the ability to post, you should be!
  • Respond to things. If you have the ability to respond to articles, you should be! No one likes to have their hard work go unnoticed so read people’s stuff and try to come up with SOMETHING to say.
  • Share things from tayclassic if you see it
  • Welcome people

Again, I’m sure I’m forgetting some that I had last night in my head as I tossed and turned in bed but now I’m a zombie.


3. The Elephant in the Room

No more elephants. I’m going to just come right out. I don’t like the sharing of reviews from aniTAY by Protonstorm and MattW. The rest of AniTAY I seriously am in awe of you guys. You took a bad hand of being essentially forced out, and you really made it your own. When I go to AniTAY I see a thriving community and it’s really really great.

  1. The reason I have this feeling is because this is my appraisal of the situation
  2. They get review copies.
  3. They review them
  4. They post to Tay, have an admin make them big then share them to TAY
  5. They do this because they need? Want? more eyeballs in return for more review copies. This was admitted to last time I brought this up in no uncertain terms. They have even segregated themselves from AniTAY and come up with their own review name Taykobun or some such.
  6. They have the audacity to complain that they’re not getting the lede in the round up
  7. They do not contribute to the community. Maybe a couple, “hellos” in the forum or so but not in any kind of regular meaningful way.

If this is not the truth of the matter, I’m open to a proposed re-interpretation. UPDATED: Protonstorm has responded here. Morie has further clarified Here

This all grates on me. Why? Because I really love this community. Maybe to an unhealthy degree - that is another small part of why I left - I was getting too involved, too much of myself was here and not enough was in the real world. But I do. It’s probably the greatest place I’ve found on the net regardless of the current situation. Even if nothing changes, this place is wonderful. So when I see someone who acts in a parasitic nature with TAY it makes me want to at the very least raise a red flag and say, “Hey GUYS! I don’t think this is right!”


And yes. It’s parasitic:

In biology/ecology, parasitism is a non-mutual symbiotic relationship between species, where one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host.


Wherein community members who do contribute to TAY are not having their articles shared on the round up because we need to make space for Taykobun reviews. Again, if people share stuff from AniTAY to TAY, go ahead. That’s not my big issue. My big issue is a few select members sharing stuff from AniTAY so as to get something in return in the form of more review copies.

Beyond that there was talk of Merging TAY and AniTAY.

I get the feeling that neither side really wants that but I might be wrong. Who knows. I guess that’s why, hopefully, we’re here. To figure that sort of thing out.


One last thing. I welcome disagreement. I welcome discussion. I know last time I was vilified and maybe rightly so because I came on strong. But you know what? After having that discussion about ANiTAY and TAY I changed my views. Morie was right when she said that if people are put off of TAY by AniTAY shares that is their problem. I hope that in time we can NOT keep thinking of me as a villain because I’m really a nice person 99% of the time. I will offer a formal apology here that my words could have been chosen more carefully and I could have brought it up in a better way rather than being passive aggressive about it. I’m glad that it happened though as again, it brought about a change in my thinking.

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