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TAY Trivia Challenge: Almost Done!

Two more rounds and we’ll call it curtains on this, the longest ever running quiz contest the internet has ever seen.

Many thanks to Quiddity for hosting last round’s game for me while i was out of the country (even if he DID ditch my Family Guy trivia questions!) Team SHKG was kicked out of the running by the ever pernacious steam engine momentum of team Novigore Barkstar!


That means that for all the marbles of the loser’s bracket we have the match up of NoviGore BarkStar vs. TRPC or pimsleur’s oddities or something. I forget, Reinier gave me the team name like 5 months ago but I forgot it! yay!


  • Barkspawn, Novibear, Geostar, Tygore
  • Twizm (lol), Rienier, PSWii2008, Celia

Please go here and fill in your availability!

Current bracket;

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