I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Trivia Challenge: Round 2!

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Last night the Doomed Dukes of Lolicat lived up to their names with a stunning defeat at the hands of Team Abraquidechkadow. Thank you to everyone who showed up, to everyone who subbed, and everyone who furiously yelled at me for writing Lawtencium instead of Lawrencium XD.


Our next matchup is Team BarkStar NoviGore vs .......TRHP. WHo is on TRHP? *runs to check teams*

There we are.

Who the f is TRHP? FURBY are you drunk? I think it’s supposed to be the last team PSwii, Celia, Reiner, and Twizm but that’s because I’m a derp. Let me fix this real quick....


Our Next Match is

Team BarkStar NoviGore (Team Limpet Splendor) vs Team SHKG

Use your imagination to put dukes of loli in the losers bracket
Use your imagination to put dukes of loli in the losers bracket


Team Abraquidechkadow: Quiddity, Kidechka, DisturbedShadow, Abracadaniel

The Doomed Dukes of Lolicat: Meathead, Raithulu, Armuun, AlmightyDuke

Team PT: PHC, Pigmatron, TGRIP, Twinkling82

Team SHKG: Hyconner, shardik, kcet, Gugsy

Team BarkStar NoviGore: Geostar, Tygore, Novibear, Barkspawn

Team PSwii2008, Celia, Reiner, Twizm

Last time I had a poke system in place where you could poke people with a link to this post and then you’d get ..something (I forget what). No one did it so I guess I’ll just go hunting for these people.


Let me know when you can play! (by clicking here and entering it in!)

I’ll get a calendar up so you can all write in your availability.

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