I'm really feeling it!

After a brief unannounced hiatus due to vacation, I’m BACK baby! So let’s try this whole sign up thing again! Our bracket has Team PTPT (PHC, TGRIP, Pigmatron, and Twinkling82) up against team Abraquidechkadow (Abracadaniel, Quiddity, Kidechka, and DisturbedShadow). Let me know your availability by filling it in here



Team Abraquidechkadow: Quiddity, Kidechka, DisturbedShadow, Abracadaniel

The Doomed Dukes of Lolicat: Meathead, Raithulu, Armuun, AlmightyDuke

Team PT: PHC, Pigmatron, TGRIP, Twinkling82

Team SHKG: Hyconner, shardik, kcet, Gugsy

Team BarkStar NoviGore: Geostar, Tygore, Novibear, Barkspawn

Team PSwii2008, Celia, Reiner, Twizm

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