I'm really feeling it!

Listen up you guys and gals, I’ve got a fever for trivia and only the Doomed Dukes of Lolicats and SHKG can cure it. In a crushing defeat Sunday, team TRCP went down to the losers bracket to lick their wounds while the undefeated Abraquidechkadow sallied forth to be our first finalist. Will TRCP get revenge after pulling themselves up by their bootstraps to figure out the age old question, “What do I have in my pockets?”

Only time will tell but in the mean time: Hyconner, Shardik, KCet and Gugsy. On Meathead, On Armuun, On Raithulu and Duke. Dash away dash away, dash away all...over to this doodle calendar to sign up for a time for our next quizzing round!



Team Abraquidechkadow: Quiddity, Kidechka, DisturbedShadow, Abracadaniel

The Doomed Dukes of Lolicat: Meathead, Raithulu, Armuun, AlmightyDuke

Team PT: PHC, Pigmatron, TGRIP, Twinkling82

Team SHKG: Hyconner, shardik, kcet, Gugsy

Team BarkStar NoviGore: Geostar, Tygore, Novibear, Barkspawn

Team PSwii2008, Celia, Reiner, Twizm

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