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TAY Trivia Challenge (Quiz Bowl Part 2): 1st Round Announcement

OK first round is Wednesday night. 8pm..ish! In the fashion of casual quiz trivia games we’re gonna have round 1 then. Our first team to compete is

Team Abraquidechkadow vs. The Doomed Dukes of Lolicat

Full bracket is here (will update soon now that we have a sixth team!)


I’m going to try to do these consecutively as quickly as I can as we have a lot of teams this time so if we can every once in awhile squeeze two matches into a week that would be great. To that end: Team 3 (PTPT) and Team 4 (SHKG) start talking about when you’re available! Either contact each other here or on Discord.

Remember: Show up to matches if you want to watch or even participate if a member can’t make it!


I will make categories eventually but for the first round or two it may end up being general trivia! Suggest to me some categories!


Team Abraquidechkadow: Quiddity, Kidechka, DisturbedShadow, Abracadaniel

Team A MRA: Meathead, Raithulu, Armuun, AlmightyDuke

Team PT: PHC, Pigmatron, TGRIP, Twinkling82

Team SHKG: Hyconner, shardik, kcet, Gugsy

Team BarkStar NoviGore: Geostar, Tygore (maybe), Novibear, Barkspawn

Team PSwii2008, Celia, Reiner, Twizm

Side note: I will be putting Photoshop contest on Hiatus until this is over. Sorry for any disappointment!

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