It seems there's still quite a few newcomers who don't know their way around TAY. If you're one of them, and find yourself confused about this scary and foreign place, then scratch your head no more and give this a read!

I- Main TAY and TAY Classic:

Main TAY is the more formal TAY. Basically, we use it to share more in-depth articles or important topics and whatnot. Only authors can post on Main TAY, but anybody can post on TAY Classic. If you miss the casual nonsense that occurred on Old TAY, before the Kinja change, then head on over to TAY Classic. But first, check out the following tutorial.

II- How to post on TAY Classic:

So, first off, click on the "Compose Post" button on the top right corner of the UI.

The one with the pen logo

A posting editor page should have appeared. Go on and type whatever. You can mess around with HTML, and throw in multiple pictures or videos and spice it up to your tastes. Once you're done, and want to post it, head on to the bottom of the editor.


So it seems a lot of people get thrown off by only having one option in the "Publish On:" section. If you're not an author, then there's nowhere else where you can post. However, see the "Tags" option above it? Type in "tayclassic" on there.


Like that. Once you hit the "Publish" button, it should be saved onto TAY Classic.


So, one of the wonders of posting on the internet is that marvelous ability to tag our posts with labels of relevancy to certain topics that would facilitate surfing on Kinja, and the internet in general. For the sake of aesthetics, a few authors and admins recommend using the most relevant tag first, followed by other tags, and then finally the "tayclassic" tag to ensure it appears on TAY Classic. Tags can be added indefinitely, and will work respectively as long as they are separated by a comma (",") and a space.


IV- Gaining authorship:

A lot of people were put off by the whole "author" system that was set in place. Many have a lot of questions, and little answers. Well, TAY is almost entirely user-run. The resident admins and chief "owner" of TAY- Dyram, Odin, TheUnfathomableTruth, and GiantBoyDetective respectively- are the ones who overlook the authorship granting process. I have zero influence regarding the selection and approval process, but that doesn't mean that me, as an author, can't do anything. In fact, all of the authors can play a little but important role in allowing TAY to grow. If you, as a non-author, wishes to post on Main TAY, first you'll have to post on TAY Classic. Then, as authors and other users go through TAY Classic, somebody may feel that main TAY would benefit from having the article featured. And they may share it on TAY.


Once it's featured, and admin may think you have the spunk to be an author, and set you free from the virtual shackles of non-authorship.

V- TAY Classic and Open Forums:

Ok, so as previously mentioned, TAY Classic is basically the better place to go if you want casual interaction with us TAYers. However, Open Forums are also set up daily for all to enjoy. The point of these Open Forums is to allow newcomers to freely post and have a nice chat with everybody there. They were initially set up during the first few days of new TAY, and they apparently just kept on growing. However, I've noticed that the activity levels expire soon, and sometimes comments may be lost in the flood of replies that occur down there. So, personally, I try to promote the usage of TAY Classic for all your casual needs. You'll see me posting there very often, since I have a lot of non-important, bullshitty stuff to say. Open Forums will still be posted to accommodate the new people, but I suggest we gradually move on to TAY Classic, in general.


VI- The ConTAYct List:

Since we've yet to have an official messaging system, I devised a plan to use the tag system in order to accommodate our needs. If you ever need to contact an admin or a fellow author or TAYer, feel free to take a look at the ConTAYct List. Here you'll find a list of the authors and admins of TAY, and be able to send them a quick message simply by replying to the page. If you're an author, and would like to allow people to contact you directly regarding TAY activities, simply type up a profile post akin to the rest of the ones on the ConTAYct List, and make sure to publish it only on your blog, and use the "ConTAYct List" tag. The system is set up in such a way that you don't need to check the page constantly to see if people sent you something, since it'll appear as a notification in your inbox.


VII- Following

So, if you're giving the new Kinja layout a try, and you find out your comment is sent to the "Pending Approval" box, then don't be too concerned. After you become a regular commenter on TAY, you will soon get a notification that would read "Talk Amongst Yourselves is following You". That means the system approves of your content, and you will no longer have to wait for approval, or have your comment recommended. However, that may not exactly translate to staying outside of the approval box forever. When you comment on an author's post, the same rules apply. If the author is following you, your posts will appear without an issue. If they're not following you, you'll be destined to the "Pending Approval" box until they change their status with you. Thus, if you plan to stay in TAY for a while and make friends here, it's best to follow as many familiar faces as you can.


VIII- Trolls and Admins:

As with everywhere else on the internet, trolls are bound to show up every once in a while. However, TAY has three resident Admins and an all-powerful Chief Administrator who can regulate what happens on TAY in its entirety. They can grant authorship, and take it away. They can also ban users at their own discretion. Talk Amongst Yourselves is held in very high regard by its regular users due to its friendly and calm nature. Anybody is welcome here, as long as they abide by our unspoken norms of friendship and consideration. Anybody can post what they think or discuss what they want, as long as it's done in an appropriate manner. As a result, anything that may be considered as "too deviant" from our norms may be brought to the attention of any of the admins to be dealt with. Feel free to use the ConTAYct List to reach any of the admins in case of concerns.