I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Twitter: Let's Do This Thing

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Hello TAY Folk. GBD here to announce that I have created a Twitter account for the TAY.


What I need now are people to man/woman it. I'll obviously be helping out and I know that StygianKnight is interested in helping. So who else is in? I'll contact you via email and share the log-in info. If I've never seen you around the TAY before I may be a little wary about adding you, just keep that in mind.

Here's basically what we would need:

  • Promoting daily TAY articles and open forums
  • Promoting TAY get togethers like Game Night and Movie Club
  • Random gaming news and pictures that may not be worth a whole post
  • Promoting art that is posted in that TAY (Daily Pokemans and such)
  • Retweeting/favoriting other accounts who are promoting us/have interesting news/are hilarious and gaming related
  • Not tweeting things that were already tweeted earlier

Remember: If you do this you'll be representing us as a whole, so make sure you're doing it right! Proper spelling, not too inappropriate, working links, all that good jazz.


NOTE TO INVADING DUCK: Would love a repeating background featuring the TAY Bots. Or if anyone else wants to give it a whack feel free.

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