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Oh, it’s you. Welcome.

Tis I, Dark Aether, hijacking the open forum from whoever currently runs it on Mondays (my apologies). For those of you fortunate enough to have the day off this Christmas Eve, well done. I was not so lucky and had to come in this morning, but then again, Death never really takes a vacation *heh.*


Jokes aside, I really did come into work today. I’ve got nothing but time today, so let’s talk about stuff.

Last weekend I saw the Agretsuko Christmas special on Netflix. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s about a Red Panda who works a typical office job and sings death metal karaoke to vent. This special is supposed to serve as an interim between season 1 and the upcoming season 2. Overall, it was pretty decent for what can be considered a “filler,” even if the comedy felt a bit weaker than in previous episodes.

I’m off tomorrow, so I don’t really have holiday plans, yet. I’m probably going to either continue my playthrough of Smash Ultimate’s World of Light (I’m at the midway point, I think?), finish The Messenger/Celeste, work on some future posts here, or probably get trashed do some binge watching at home.

For today’s suggested topics:

  • What are your holiday plans, if any?
  • Favorite holiday specials/traditions, even if they aren’t necessarily Christmas related?
  • Get anything cool this year?
  • Who’s been a good boy/girl this year? Or not? I won’t tell...

Not really a Christmas song, but I think the overall theme of this movie/album fits well:

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