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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY UPDATE: Current Situation **IMPORTANT**

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Hello everyone. TUT here, again, just giving you guys a quick heads up about where we're at right now, and what's going on.


So, we've had quite the weekend, huh? I'm sure everyone's agitated, confused, or conflicting about the situation, but I'd like to make everyone a rather simple and reasonable request:

Can everyone sorta just hang tight at the moment?

I understand that you guys are trying to help in your own way, and that we all just want to make TAY the best that we can. But unfortunately, we're not all in the position to do so. Honestly, I'd like to just sit down and talk to everyone and get everything sorted, but as much as I'd like to, the timing for this was atrocious. And there's an awful lot going on, too many different POVs, too many mixed emotions, too many conflictive encounters, and too many options to just take a stab at it and put an improvised end to it. I'm sure that's not what everyone wants, right? Thus, I'd like to request that everyone please put this on hold, and let things continue to move as they did in the past few months for the following week. It's only one week. Enough time for everyone to gather their thoughts, consider the options to take, and allow for the situation to de-escalate. Thus, here's how things are going to look for the next week:

  • Starting tomorrow, every regularly scheduled post (OFs, Graveyards, regular columns) will continue to operate on their usual schedule and manner.
  • I'd also appreciated if we could move on from our current differences and enjoy a week of civility, devoid of arguments regarding the current situation. There will be a place and a time for this.
  • On Friday afternoon (7:00 EDT) I'll have a post up where I'll detail the current system of TAY, and would like everyone who wishes to participate in our reorganization and accomodation of TAY to read it carefullyand begin to consider solutions to the problem. Morie, Dyram and I will be there to host it and try to answer people's questions, and take extra feedback if I missed anything or have something else to consider.
  • On Saturday, I'll discuss the situation and each suggestion with my fellow admins.
  • Once we have decided upon our viable options, we will make a post dedicated to having everyone vote on their preferred solutions. This will most likely occur the week after the next.
  • Finally, once it's decided, we will begin to consider ways to being the implementation of whatever we compromised upon. Keep in mind that we will soon be undergoing a change in the Kinja format, and will also have to deal with that adjustment. This entire procedure will take time, so patience is asked of all of us.

That is all. Does anybody have any questions?

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