I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Updates: Please Read...?

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Did I get your attention with that image? Good. good. Rather than pepper four new articles onto the main page I will update all events here today. Updates for TAY Photoshop Contest, TAY YouTube, TAY Game Night, and TAY Mad Libs!


TAY Photoshop Contest

Make sure to vote! This is the last week to get an entry in. We have several really good entries this month so don’t let their hard work go to waste, get in there and vote for your favorite.


TAY YouTube

The unofficially official TAY YouTube is picking up a few users. I can do managers now where you can use the channel while remaining logged in to your own email address. Special thanks to Nach for figuring this out and a special ....something to Quiddity for telling me it wasn’t possible!


Secondly, do you guys prefer the old wallpaper to the new? I’m not a huge fan of TAY Bear as actual “branding” but as it’s not my channel I leave the choice to you guys. Show me your moves.

Finally, and I’m as guilty of this as anyone, try to keep it organized. Add your files to a playlist that is appropriate (Plays, first looks, watchlist, review, etc.)


Don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe (/shill)

TAY Game Night

is tonight! Tonight at about 8 pm EST to 11:30 pm EST we will be playing L4D2. If you can make it, consider coming. We will meet up in the TAY Discord #gamenight room


If you cannot make it but are interested in watching, I will throw a post up later or you can bookmark this post and watch here.

Probably this time we will not have any of those people in the picture but it is an adorable picture if only for Nick as the walking vegetable. Look at his widdle face. ADORABLE.


Remember, ANYONE can attend game night. Lurker? not a problem. You don’t need game night street cred to blast zombies! Also remember:

If you show up to Game Night, your name is entered into a chance to win a 60$ Best Buy gift certificate!


TAY Fan Fiction

We got a few entries yesterday and it’s not too late to write your own! Check out the post to see how Evan made UI and DS into the TAY power couple you didn’t know we needed.

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