The weekend is finally here! So, if you have nothing better to do, why not join us in our Weekend Forum? I'm TUT, you're host as always, and hope you're having a nice time.

Don't ask about the potato chips, alright? I don't know either :I I was sorta having trouble finding something to put up there, and figured "Meh, everyone likes chips". So yea. And well, it's the weekend, everyone's chilling out, or being annoyingly busy or something, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to talk about something as simple as "Your favorite flavor of chips". So? What is it?

Personally, I ~*Love*~ sour creme and onion chips. If for whatever reason, I had to choose only two types of chips to exist in the entire world, original would be my first variety of choice, and then followed by sour creme and onion. I mean, you can never go wrong with just original chips, right? They're versatile, and can be made into anything. But sour creme and onion chips MUST exist. I'd be perfectly willing to sacrifice myself in order to preserve them . . . So, yea.

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