I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello everyone! *yawns* And welcome to yet another Weekend Forum. I'm TUT, and well, it's the weekend, so you'll have to pay extra for the formalities.


So, food, anyone? Today's topic was brought to you by Pocos, actually, given how yesterday we totally went on talking about breakfast. "But TUT, we've already had a breakfast post!" Oh really? I don't seem to recall that. I blame the hash browns. Their delicious scent is too overwhelming, and won't let me think straight anymore. I'm sure I've mentioned my passionate love of potatoes before. I mean, seriously, they're amazing, how can anyone not like them? They're versatile, hearty, nutritious, strong, and just downright the perfect warrior's food . . . aside from the flesh of the fallen, of course. So, what about you guys? What about your preferred breakfast dishes? I expect some waffles, chicken, cookies, and maybe a cup of orange tea. Me? I love me a good croissant sandwich with some hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon and some cheese, some OJ and maybe a cup of coffee and an old fashion doughnut. It's surprisingly a heavy meal, actually. Like, I'll feel full and satisfied for a good while, despite it being a somewhat medium-sized meal. Crazy, huh?

Food is good, right? You know what's also good? TAY Classic. Check it out if you miss Old TAY. And, if you're secretly a dog on the internet, and have no idea what you're doing, give this TAYtorial a read. Furthermore, if you know of any upcoming events, or dates of significance, be sure to mark it down on our TAYlendar!

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