Morning everyone! Have a happy Friday today! I'm TUT, and I'll be your host.

Eh, I figured I'd be less formal since it's a Frid- Wait . . . *Looks at date* Damn, the week went by fast, huh? Not sure how I feel about that . . . Anyways, let's cut to the chase. I mean, it is a weekend, and I have a feeling it'll be slow (That's your cue to contradict me, so go and mess around) this weekend, right? So yea, topic of the day:


So, I've mentioned how much I love Dark Souls, since I picked it up recently, right? And well, yea, I'm loving the game, and everything. And, I noticed something . . . It makes Skyrim look kinda lame now. I mean, they're totally different things, and I know that, but still. You can't help comparisons sometimes, you know? And well, just when Dark Souls was seeming to be more worthy of the title of "Boss", Skyrim came in and redeemed its special place within the withered and dark void where my heart is supposed to be. Wanna know how it did that? Well, it's rather simple. Look at the above red wyvern thingy, and then back at Skyrim's dragons. Then look at this drake thingy

Also, quick nitpick: I love Dark Souls . . . but goddamn, it's a dark game. Literally. I get that they're trying to make it seem foreboding, but Jesus Christ, I want to be able to see what I'm doing, you know? Like, there's parts where I feel the darkness isn't even justified. It's just . . . dark, for no apparent reason other than "It wants to be dark". Then again . . . I guess that's why it's called "Dark" Souls . . . Yea, I made the easy joke. Shush.

And no back to this:


Beautiful, ain't it? And well, this is just my opinion, but Skyrim really nailed the dragon designs. They look badass, realistic, and beautiful. Quite possibly the best dragons I've seen. And that, ladies and gentlemen of TAY (Oh, and Hab too), is our topic for today. Dragons. So, go on, and talk about your favorite dragons in games/anime/movies/TV/Your backyard.

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