So, the weekend's finally here, huh? How's everyone doing? I'm TUT, and I may or may not be your host today, depending on stuff.

So yea, stuff. How's everyone's weekend going so far? Filled with fun stuff, right? I sure hope so. Me? Eh, won't be doing much this weekend. Hopefully, if I get everything done with school and stuff, I may get to watch some anime. Hopefully finish Chuunibyou or watch some more WataMote, or something. In the meantime, though, I'm looking forward to something that happens in ten more days. Yepp, that's right. The release of GTAV . . . I think. I dunno, I could be wrong on the date, but all I know is, I'm excited for the game. Ironically enough, I've yet to even preorder it, or get around checking more about it and so on. *Sigh* Stupid IRL stuff, always getting in the way . . . I'd still like to be able to go to the midnight launch, though. And, well, that's sorta the topic for discussion for today. Midnight launches. How's everyone feel about them? Fun? Not fun? Worth it? Not worth it?

So, here's that part where I give you all links, again. If you're new to TAY, I suggest you read up on our TAYtorial. It'll help you know what goes on, what does what, and so on. And you should stop by TAY Classic, while you're at it, alright? Finally, if you know what the actual release date for GTAV is, and wish to correct me, why don't you mark it down on our TAYlendar? If you happen to know of other stuff like that, feel free to mark them down too.