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Hey everyone! Yea, I'm still here. You guys aren't getting rid of me that easily. Nice try, though. Gotta say, you guys almost had me there. Heh. Actually, I've just been sorta caught up in stuff. Enough that I'm actually somewhat behind on GTAV, and better yet, enough that I'm confused about what day I'm living in . . . Which is why I just totally realized that autumn is finally at our doorstep . . . I think. Either way, if it's not officially here, I can still feel it, you know? I'll be honest, I'm the type of guy who'll totally get excited about the season, and totally see if I can OD on pumpkin-based food products, orange, and cinnamon, and any other season specific things. And I mean, what's not to look forward to? The weather is nice, the days grow shorter, and the holidays are near, too. *Sighs* Halloween . . . I'm not the only one who fights off regressions about going trick or treatin', right? Heh, anyways, so, for a change of pace of, let's talk about the season. What do you guys like about it? Or hate about it? Do you change your habits and so on to accommodate the season? I know I do. I'll get a strong urge to play games and watch stuff that I associate with the season. Like, I feel a strong urge of revisiting Twilight Princess, and Skyrim. I'll stop listening to Hour Of Penance, and swap it out for Spawn Of Possession . . . Ooh! It's almost been a year since Rings Of Saturn's album leaked, too! I guess I'll just leave you guys with this, then, since I guess it has a very "autumny" feeling, right? No growls, I promise. Just, pure, instrumental mellowness~

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