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Heh, I wonder how quiet this post's gonna be this time. Not that I blame you guys or anything. I mean, I've been lazy myself, or have been playing far too much GTA to be present here. Honestly, I'm just whining because I won't be getting the new Pokemon game soon, and I'm sure all of you guys will disappear or throw your parties about it on your own. And that's cool and all . . . I mean, it's n-not like I n-need any of you guys, or even want your c-company . . . Nope! I'm perfectly fine by myself, with GTA and my assortment of seasonal food products and my music . . . All for myself . . . Forever alone . . .

Heh, speaking of forever alone, let us address today's topic for discussion. Last night, I was playing GTA (Again, I know. Nope, I won't be quiet about it. Shush, and stop judging me!), and suddenly I did something that was so . . . Un-TUT-ly. I was driving by a neighborhood, when I noticed another player on the map, about a mile away. Usually, once another player is within range, I switch to a more cautious approach. I mean, this is GTA, and people do kill each other all the time. Not that I'm innocent or anything, but generally I won't shoot someone unless I feel threatened in the game, or get shot at. Unless I'm in my "Yea, I'm a douche, so what?" account, I'll just mind my own business. So, I'm just driving by, and notice that this punk is trying to steal his car back from the cops after having it impounded. And, I guess he was a total newbie at this or something, because he started shooting at the cops, had no idea of what to do, kept flailing and driving his totaled car around the parking lot, and kept trying to escape to no avail. So, that's when something possessed me, and urged me to bail this guy out. I cleared the area of police presence, and kept gesturing to come to the gates. But, the situation escalated quickly, and more cops arrived. After taking down a chopper, I realized this guy was hopeless. He had barricaded himself, and was trying to fend the cops off, behind the cover of his ruined roadster. I had my hands full, and soon enough, the guy was taken down by the cops. So, I bailed. The moment I received notification of his passing, I drove away, and made my escape. And I couldn't help but be disappointed that the guy didn't get out, and that he'd prolly lose his car. And then I realized "Dude, who cares? That's what he gets for not knowing how to handle the situation. Besides, you tried, so it's all good, right?" Eh, maybe. All I know is, I did my good deed for the day. I hope it's enough to keep me out of Hell for a while. I'm not too fond of my mother's cooking, you know?


Anyways, so yea. Ever had a moment online when you totally went all altruistic on someone's ass and tried to help? It's a pretty cool thing, actually. I mean, sometimes it seems like the online communities are all toxic and filled with horrible people, but it never hurts to try to reach out to others, you know?