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So, Halloween is coming up, and we're all trying to focus on the spooky stuff . . . Right? I'm not the only one here trying to contact those from beyond, right? Please tell me I'm not, since the voices in my head have been really mean to me recently, and tell me I have no friends and that everyone hates me . . . They're not telling the truth, right? RIGHT? Hello! Anyone there! . . . I need a hug . . .

Anyways, so, Halloween and monsters right. Now, we've all seen some pretty crazy and creepy stuff in games and such, but . . . What about the stuff that exists in real life? Yupp. Let's talk about some of the creepy and crazy stuff out there in the world. Now, I totally expect most of these to be creepy animals and such, since we're human and we're dull and helpless by ourselves like that, so even a bunch of ants are dangerous and creepy to some of us. But it can totally be stuff like . . . storms, or unexplained and bizzare things that just seem to happen for the sake of messing with us. After all, the world is pretty big, and there's still a lot we don't know. So, go on, and talk amongst yourselves!

Notice: I've decided to post our TAY Halloween Masquerade on the 25th of this month. I'll have a post up earlier that week to make sure to give more details on the event. For now, just make sure you're here regularly, and be social! Go and mingle with the rest of the crowd! Get to know each other!

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