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So, it's the weekend, huh? Fun times. Yupp. Fun times . . . So, the other day, I was stalking a certain TAYter tot I shall not name, and something was brought to my attention. You know those other Gawker Net sites? Like, the Gizmodo and Jalopnik? Well, apparently, they have phrases and motifs like "Dude, that's so Jalop" "I know brah! It's so gnarly!" and so on. So Jalop. And, that got me thinking . . . Do we have anything like that? Do we ever like, say "Awh man, that's so TAY!"?

TAYter Number 1: "Did you watch the new episode of X?"

TAYter Number 2: "Nah man, had stuff to do"

TAYter Number 1: "Woah dude, you should like totes watch it. Binge it. It'll be the most TAY thing you've done all week"

So, if we had to come up with a meaning to what's "TAY" . . . What'd it be? Also, that's how you all talk to each other. Trust me, I know. After all, I know you guys well . . . As demonstrated by yesterday's Masquerade >.> Which, by the way, we still haven't ID'd all of you guys =_= And frankly, it's still driving me insane. So . . . How about we all come forward, and state our masquerade names? Nee?


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