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So, the weekend's here, huh? It totally got me by surprise . . . Hence this being posted late! H-heh . . . Anyways, let's talk about gamertags in the wild. I finally caved and got Battlefield 4, right? So, I'm just sitting there last night, playing along in the multiplayer, trying to get a hang of things, minding my own business, and dying very often. And suddenly, a friend I had over walks into the room and is like "iFckdUrmom2? Really?". And that's when I remembered what the online environment is like. After that, I became conscious that I was playing against other people, and started scanning through the names to see who was around. Now, I've seen plenty of "420"s, or "NoobKillahs" in those names, but "iFckdUrmom2" is perhaps the most bold and brash specimen I've seen . . . Mostly because I didn't really do lots of online gaming before showing up (You guys have turned me into a monster). So, any memorable gamertags or screen names you've encountered out there? I also once saw some dude named "IrresistibleBeef". Heh, at least they're being creative, right?

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