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So, who likes cyberpunk stuff? *Looks around* Nobody, huh? Oh well . . . Heh, actually, I just used that picture because I couldn't think of anything else. It was either that, or metal album covers, and I'm sure you guys don't want to see those. So, yea. Cyberpunk cities are totally unrelated from today's topic, which is far more mundane and tasty. Bread. Let's talk about bread. Bread is good. It's tasty, you can use it in many different ways, and it's pretty universal. So, what bread do you guys usually buy? Me? I usually get myself this.

It's fairly simple and goes well with pretty much every sandwich ever. However, I have been known to get their potato bread too, because c'mon, potatoes. Potatoes are amazing, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, 'kay? After all, potatoes have won wars, you know? Anyways, I figured it'd be an interesting thing to talk about since we all have different brand preferences, and I know some of you TAYters are fond of white bread, so why not . . . And I'm 75% sure we've talked about bread before, too . . . Then again, I'm probably the only one keeping track of these things. After all, I am an Expert Remember~

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