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GTA is a bad influence. You see that handsome beast up there? Yea? No, not me. The bike. Yea, that motorcycle right there? I love it. "Ok TUT, but what does this have to do with GTA being a bad influence?" Well, thanks to this game, I now want a badass motorcycle. Hehe, it's funny because I used to not like them for the same reason any sane person with a sense of self-preservation would. And now, thanks to this game, I want one for the same reasons a crazed adrenaline junkie who can't get his fill would . . . Because they're really fast and they go "vroom vroom". I used to mock other players who would zoom around on these things, simply because it was so easy to take 'em out with a gentle nudge. But now, I've grown so fond of my beloved Akuma, that I'll go on bounty hunting sprees on it, and totally own it. And well, it's no surprise that games can evoke an emotional response, whether they're 2D or 3D . . . So my question for today is, have you guys ever become too attached to something in a game? All I know is, this game wouldn't be nearly as fun at is if I couldn't pull stunts like this one.