I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So, my best friend decided to crash over this weekend. Fun stuff. I won't get anything done today, I guess, but whatever. We were messing around in GTA for a bit, and the fact that I somehow lack couch co-op games on the PS3 was brought up. We sorta started reminiscing about the good times we had in Gears Of War 3, Army Of Two: The 40th Day, and the occasional Mercenaries round in RE5. Ah, the good ol' days. I thought about getting Army Of Two again, for the sake of having something to do when he's over other than raiding my fridge and making dumb jokes, but then it hit me . . . I played that game on the 360 . . . It won't feel the same now . . . And that's how the conversation quickly changed to "How a game should feel".

I've brought it up many times that I'm particularly fond of third-person-shooters for a myriad of reasons and advantages, but as with all games, everything has it's own specific feel to it. I am, to this day, convinced that Gears Of War 3 has one of the best control set ups on a TPS, ever. It's so smooth, it's so intuitive, it's so effortless. You just glide across the battlefield, basically. Everything feels so right. And it's funny because, most TPS and even some FPS have used a similar control system, and they're far from reaching that degree of quality. As much as I love GTA, throwing in my experience and everything . . . It's still not as great as GOW3. There's times when the cover system doesn't mesh in correctly with the flow of battle, or I end up climbing a wall instead of doing a rolling dodge to the side when in cover. And that's just how it is sometimes. Some games master certain things down to near-perfection, and some don't. Say, the way shooting feels in RDR is far more satisfying than anything in GTA. You felt a kick when pulling the trigger, and you felt when the shot made contact. And if there's something I learned from UC3 Game Nights, it's that free running is not for everyone, and the closest to getting something responsive like that in a game, is Assassin's Creed, prior to III (But not before II, mind you). And well, those examples have given me such a good and lasting impression, that I can be this definitive when it comes to answering that question. But, now it's your turn . . . Or you know, just Talk Amongst Yourselves~

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