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Hey there TAY, hope you're still sleeping cause why would you be awake in a rainy weather like the one we have down here? Anyway... the weekend is here and it's time to make plans!

Some of you already know of my adventure at the Hatsume Fair tomorrow, just checked the weather... and it shouldn't be that hot :3 But how about you my sweet sweet TAYngerines.... What are your plans for the weekend? Datacide already asked Watcha Playing, but do you have any other plans beside video games? Maybe heading out to watch the new Captain America, or how about giving Wes Anderson some love and check his new movie? Or iunno talk about anything... after all this is Talk Among Yourselves ^^;

Let Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers fill your ears with some yummy notes :3 have a great weekend peeps and take care!

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