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I'm filling in for TUT todayβ€”I think he was just having an off day yesterday and forgot. Either way, welcome to the weekend forum. I think these things are kind of known for being on the shorter side of the forum spectrum, so I'll try not to break tradition too hard.

I stayed up kind of late watching the ends of the Ultra Street Fighter IV quarter and semi-finals... some of those were pretty intense. I still regret staying up as late as I did, though, since... well, you know, the video archives are a thing. Not like I couldn't have woken up when I wanted to today and still caught the end of them, you know? But I guess it wouldn't have been nearly as exciting that way.

What are some dumb things you've stayed up way late for, TAY? Talk about it down below.


Always get to bed on time, huh? Well then, feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Saturday Open Forum is now open!

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