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So, I don't know if anyone here knows this, but I frikin' love The Simpsons. I still think it is the best show on television. I know an unhealthy amount of quotes from The Simpsons and this is a useless talent I happily take pride in.

This led me on to other weird and useless talents(or even normal talents) I have, which is not many by the way. My favourite useless talent I can do is being able to split an apple directly in half with my bare hands. Why is it pointless? Well I don't like apples and a surprisingly few amount of people will want to eat them after someone else has touched them.

So TAY, do you have any useless talents? Care to share them with us? If not, what's your favourite Simpson quote and/or episode?

Also, what games are you all looking forward to this month? I cannot wait until I get my hands on Bloodborne.


Here's a song to kickstart your weekend:

Besides from that, feel free to go suck a lemon TALK AMONGST YOUSELVES!

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