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Hello folks and welcome to The Weekend Forum! Boy, it’s been a while since the last one, hasn’t it Zach?

So, my friends and I were having a discussion on if we lived in the Pokemon universe, what would our “Pikachu” be?

As you can see, I went with Elgyem. Look at this adorable son of a gun. Plus, him being a Psychic type means he can use his telekinesis to get me out of sticky situations.


Who would your “Pikachu” be? It has to be a first stage(minus baby Pokemon) and it can’t evolve. You can choose single stage Pokemon too. You don’t have to choose Pokemon though. Any video game creature will do. No legendaries either!

Also, I bought a Wii U! Add me you fools! IndigoAsh.

Anyone up for some Smash Bros later maybe?

Here’s a song to kickstart your weekend:

Besides from that, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves.