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TAY: Weekend Forum: Special "JOKE'S ON YOU" Edition

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You guys thought I forgot, huh? You guys totally did. Don't lie. Well, I didn't. Hmph. You guys ought to have more faith in me every now and then . . . I know I've been in a bit of a slump lately, and I apologize for that ^^; No big excuses, really. BUT, I'm here to stay, and have so much stuff to get back into, so bear with me @_@

SO, topic for today . . . You know what sucks? When games change controller settings between titles. Like Halo. God, I hated Halo for that. Nothing more annoying than reloading when you wanted to punch something, or tossing a grenade in because you accidentally forgot that's not what that button was mapped to. *sigh* I think it's especially bad for those people who use special control schemes, like "southpaw" or "Bumper jumper". It's always lame when you pick up a controller at some place, and you end up not doing what you wanted to do. SO, let's talk about preferences.

For some reason, Resident Evil games on the PS3 insist on using the bumpers to aim, and shoot. Because triggers seemed too obvious, I guess. I hate that I can't change it, though (Yea, yea, I know. "PC Master Race"). And aside from that . . . Yea, I think that's it. No major issues here. I'm pretty conformist, really. So no special preferences . . . Except when it comes to brightness. Oh, god, I hate dark games. Especially games where it's not even a gameplay factor. I mean, why the hell would I want Skyrim to be that dark? I like being able to see things. It's how I play games, you know? SO, max brightness it is. I wish you could do that with anime, though . . . I hate when shows do that . . .

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