I'm really feeling it!

So it is 2:45am here. I (and family) drove 6 hours to get to my parents. Usually only a 4 hour trip but we got stuck in holiday weekend traffic for 2 extra hours. Glad I had a digital copy from my Wreck-It Ralph BD for Xander's iPhone, he was super well behaved considering the length of time in the car. I only had the view outside the window and my little brother to pick on for car trips at his age (reading in the care made me sick).

So, my brain is pudding and I haven't gamed all day and it is a bad day when I don't game. (ok, I did play a turn of Civ BTS and Civ V via email, but that doesn't count.)


I'm still playing Silent Hill Downpour (PS3) with my wife. The 3D is quite striking though long sessions are given us headaches. Still playing Dead Island every Tues with a friend...I hope we are getting near the end, the fetch quests are getting a little boring now. And, I think I am nearing the end of Crysis 2 which has really been excellent. Certainly no Crysis 1, but it is certainly better than a lot of the FPS games I play and it looks really nice in DX11.

So what are you playing on the long weekend (if your neck of the woods has a long weekend)? Enjoy the crucified chocolate bunnies or whatever it is that the holiday is really supposed to be about. I'm an atheist but I'll certainly take advantage of other's holidays. Eat well, play well, and be well everyone!

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