A new rig!

Hello TAY, it’s meathead filling in for data again, I apologize for getting this up late, been super sick and went to bad early, completely forgetting to write this up!

After returning from my vacation I had a brand new PC sitting waiting to be tinkered with. So I’ve been getting it all set up, but also been playing DOOM again now that I can actually run it.

And I gotta say the game is much better played at a framerate above 25 and on ultra settings as opposed to low-medium! Plus bumping up the difficulty to hard has made the game a much more exciting experience.


On the other front I started up The Last Story running through Dolphin emulator. I gotta say I’m glad I finally grabbed a copy to play, it’s already becoming one of the better action RPG’s I’ve played. Beautiful music, nice art direction and a fast enjoyable combat system.


So TAY, What are you playing this weekend?